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Privacy Policy

A cookie is a file that downloads on your computer when you access certain websites. Cookies allow a website to store and recover information on the browsing habits of a user or a device and, depending on the information that is stored and the way in which you use your device, they can help recognise the user/device.

However, they only obtain information related to the number of websites visited, the city assigned to the IP address from which the website is being visited, the number of new users, the frequency and reoccurrence of visits, the elapsed time of the visit, the search engine or type of terminal from which the user is accessing the website.

The cookies are only associated to an anonymous user and his/her computer and they don’t give any references that help deduce the name and surname of the user or access other types of data stored in the device.

RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L.’s cookies can’t read data on your hard drive nor can they read cookie files created by other service suppliers.




1.Collection of data and consent

In compliance with the Organic Law 3/2018, from the 5th of December, on Personal Data Protection and the guarantee of digital rights (LOPDGDD), and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on General Data Protection, we inform you that the personal data requested in our forms or that can be obtained through our email addresses will be included in our personal data files, which RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L. own and are responsible for.

All the collected data will be handled with the required confidentiality in accordance with the current law on personal data protection, under the protection of the current LOPDGDD, RLOPD and GDPR.

This website functions under the regulations that exclusively apply to the Spanish state, to which people, both Spanish and foreign, using this website are subject to


2.Purpose of the processing

When a user connects to the present website, fills out a contact form and/or sends a notification to the following email address:, he/she is providing personal information that RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L. is responsible for and will use for the following:


That information can include personal data such as your IP address, name, home address, email address, phone number and other information. By giving this information, the user gives his/her consent for this information to be gathered, managed and stored by RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L.

The data given must be appropriate, and be specific and necessary for the aforementioned purpose, and won’t be used for any reason other than what is exposed in the present privacy policy.

In no case is the user obliged to provide information to RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L., but it must be warned that failing to do so would prevent RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L.from offering its services according to plan.

RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L. isn’t responsible for the treatment of personal data on those websites that the user may access through different links on our website.

Unless it is pointed out specifically, it is necessary to fill out every field on each form. The information offered by the user must be true, precise, complete and updated.

Our website obtains the user’s personal data through the contact form provided or via email. The user is the only person responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, inflicted on RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L. or any third party, as a result of filling out the forms with false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information, or with the personal information of a third party.

RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L. reserves the right to decide whether or not to include the personal information of those people in its activity log.


3.Right (ARCO) to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition; the right to be forgotten, the right to data portability and the right of limitation of treatment of the user’s personal data.

The user has the right to access his/her personal information that is stored in RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L.’s files, make changes to it if it isn’t correct, cancel it or oppose to its use, in the terms established by the Law, by contacting RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L.via the email address or in writing to RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L., S.L., C/ RECAREDO, 2 28002 MADRID (MADRID), always including a photocopy of your ID or a certified document from the entity he/she represents.

Also, with the introduction of the GDPR, the right to be forgotten, the right to data portability and the right of limitation of treatment are included.

The right to be forgotten entails, by order of the victim, impeding the spreading of personal information on internet when its publication doesn’t meet the requisites of adequacy or appropriateness established in the regulations. This includes the right to limit the universal and indiscriminate spreading of personal data in general search engines when the information is outdated or no longer has any relevance or isn’t in the public interest, even if the original publication is legitimate.

The right to data portability authorises the interested party to obtain a copy of his/her personal data in a regularly used structured electronic format and to transfer his/her data from one electronic system to another.

The right of limitation of treatment consists of the legal authority of the interested party to request and obtain a limitation of treatment of their personal data from the responsible party, in the following conditions:

In order to maintain personal data updated, it is important to notify any changes made; otherwise, RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L. isn’t accountable for the veracity of said information.

If the user doesn’t specifically cancel his/her personal data from RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L. presum’s files, it is understood and ed that he/she is still interested in maintaining them while they’re still adequate for the purpose they were obtained, and while RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L. consider it appropriate.

5.Modification of this confidentiality policy

RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L. reserves the right in the future to modify its data protection policy in accordance with its criteria, or as a result of a legislative, jurisprudential or business practice change. If RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L. introduces any changes, the new text will be published on this same website, where the user will have access to the data protection policy. In any case, the relationship with the user will be regulated by the existing law at the precise time in which the user enters the website and, therefore, he/she is obliged to read them once he/she has provided us with his/her information on our website.

Using this website gives the person making use of it the status of User and therefore entails that they accept the present Conditions that have been put at his/her disposal.

6.Transfer of data to third parties.

None of the information provided will be transferred to third parties, unless if it’s legally obliged. In short, the only responsible party for data processing will be RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L.

7.Electronic commerce via email

In compliance with article 21 of the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (Law 34/2002, from the 11th of July, on information society services and electronic commerce), and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on General Data Protection, which forbids sending commercial communications via email that haven’t been previously authorised by the recipient, we inform you that accepting commercial communications implies an explicit authorisation for the delivery of informative, commercial and advertising communications via the address provided.

Our website obtains the user’s personal data through our forms and/or via email, for the following purposes:

However, if you don’t wish to receive our commercial communications, you can request it by contacting:

RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L. via the email address or in writing to RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L., C/ RECAREDO 2 – 28002 MADRID (MADRID), always including a photocopy of your ID or a certified document from the entity you represent.

When the user fills out the form with the requested personal information and accepts the delivery of commercial communication, with the use of the different products and services that are offered on this website, or when sending an email with personal information, he/she authorises and gives his/her consent to RESTAURANTS INSOLITES, S.L., to process and introduce that information in our activity records. ( which are owned by the aforementioned company, with the aim of giving better information regarding the company, informing on products, informing on services that are offered.

8.Data preservation

In compliance with the law on data preservation, data will be preserved during the provision of the service and one year after hiring said service, as a general rule.


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