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About us

You could say that a très petit part of our story started in 1757, when one of the key figures of the American War of Independence and French Revolution was born: General LaFayette, a name steeped in tradition and history. Just like Madrid, the city where you can find our restaurant.

We like to say that LaFayette is a French brasserie that isn’t only for the French because we love our country’s cuisine but we’re also in love with this city and the people that live in it.

LaFayette is a kaleidoscope of different sensations that magically come together and voilà! They create something tremendous. LaFayette is magnifique in every bite – “macnific” for friends – it’s a toast with a backdrop of smiles or a merci with a heavy local accent when we bid farewell.

We opened our doors in 2018 with our particular General LaFayette, Sebastien Leparoux, as the heart and soul of the lounge and kitchen. He wants to offer the best classic cuisine in the world – French – and we said yep, that’s fine, but don’t overdo it à la française.

At the end of the day, this is Madrid.

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